19th International Specialized Exhibition
Beer and Soft Drinks Industry 2012

September 12 - 14 in Kiev, Ukraine


Branch News

Beer Production Up By 23.6% To 35.4 Million Decaliters In May
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 18.3% To 18.7 Million Decaliters In May
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 43.3% To 1.2 Million Decaliters In May
20.06.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 4.8% Down To 25.1 Million Liters In April
Beer Imports 6.7% Up To 4.4 Million Liters In April
10.06.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine wants to amend tax code and increase excise tax on alcohol
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered government amendments to the Tax Code to increase excise rates on beer, wine and ethyl alcohol from 2012. The government proposed that the parliament increase the tax on beer from UAH 0.74 per liter to UAH 0.81 per liter, on natural wine with alcohol from UAH 2.14 per liter to UAH 2.33 per liter, and on sparkling wine from UAH 3.10 UAH per liter to UAH 3.38 per liter. It is proposed to increase the excise tax on ethyl alcohol (100%) from UAH 42.12 per liter to UAH 45.87 per liter.
06.06.2011 Source: Ukrinform

Beer Production Up By 26.8% To 28.6 Million Decaliters In April
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 38% To 15.8 Million Decaliters In April
24.05.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 60.8% Up To 26.4 Million Liters In March
Beer Imports 71.5% Up To 4.1 Million Liters In March
Malt Imports 4.3% Up To 5,400 Tons In March
12.05.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 35.7% To 22.6 Million Decaliters In March
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 69% To 11.5 Million Decaliters In March
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 33.3% To 0.7 Million Decaliters In March
21.04.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 23.9% Up To 16.4 Million Liters In February
Malt Imports In 3 Times Up To 5,100 Tons In February
04.04.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 24.8% To 16.7 Million Decaliters In February
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 1.5% To 0.6 Million Decaliters In February
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 8.2% To 6.8 Million Decaliters In February
Yeast Production 3.2% Up To 6,900 Tons In February
23.03.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 53.2% Down To 13.2 Million Liters In January
Beer Imports Down By 77.2% To 1.1 Million Liters In January
Malt Imports 60% Down To 1,700 Tons In January
21.03.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Down By 38.7% To 13.3 Million Decaliters In January
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 34.9% To 6 Million Decaliters In January
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 39% To 0.5 Million Decaliters In January
24.02.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukrpyvo Expecting Beer Production Growth Of 1% To 313 Decaliters In 2011
11.02.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 61.1% Up To 28.2 Million Liters In December
Beer Imports 2.1 Times Up To 5 Million Liters In December
04.02.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer market could grow by 5-10% in 2011
The Ukrainian beer market could grow by 5-10% in 2011 compared to 2010 and reach the figures of the 2007 record, Marketing Director at SUN InBev Ukraine Kostiantyn Klymenko has said. The capacity of the Ukrainian beer market in 2010 was tentatively estimated at 270-300 million decaliters. One of the trends in 2010 on the beer market in Ukraine was the market's readiness for new products. The Ukrainian beer market started growing from August 2010.
SUN InBev Ukraine, a subdivision of Anheuser-Busch InBev, incorporates three breweries in Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv. The portfolio of the company's beer brands includes international brands Stella Artois, Beck's, Brahma, Staropramen, Leffe, and others, as well as national brands Chernigivske, Rogan, and Yantar.
03.02.2011 Source: Ukrinform

Belarus stops antidumping probe into Ukrainian beer imports
An antidumping investigation into imports of Ukrainian beer into the territory of Belarus has been officially discontinued. This is stated in a letter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus sent to Ukrainian breweries. The probe was launched in April 2010 after Belgospischeprom's claims supported by local manufacturers of beer. However, no case of dumping was found by the interstate commission. Earlier it was reported that Belarus had ceased imports of the Ukrainian beer, because of disagreement of Ukrainian breweries to raise selling prices by an average of 60% and eliminate the dumping in relation to the Belarusian producers. These price increases would reduce sales of Ukrainian beer in Belarus by 70-80%, according to market participants.
25.01.2011 Source: Ukrinform

Beer production has shown growth
Beer production in Ukraine in 2010 increased by more than 3% compared with 2009. Malt beer also showed an increasing trend in production, having added 3.3% per year to reach 310.1 million dal. Meanwhile, the production of beer, although increased in comparison with 2009, decreased compared to 2008 (320.2 million dal) by 3.1%.
21.01.2011 Source: Ukrinform

Beer Production Up By 10.1% To 21.8 Million Decaliters In December
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 0.9% To 9.6 Million Decaliters In December
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages 2.4 Times Up To 0.9 Million Decaliters In December
Yeast Production 0.9% Up To 7,300 Tons In December
26.01.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 8.7% To 19.2 Million Decaliters In November
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 38.1% To 0.4 Million Decaliters In November
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 72.5% To 9.7 Million Decaliters In November
22.12.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Imports 27.4% Down To 1.9 Million Liters In October
Malt Imports
0.4% Up To 2,300 Tons In October
06.12.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Down By 26% To 18.2 Million Decaliters In October
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages
Down By 41.7% To 0.6 Million Decaliters In October
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Down By 36.2% To 5.6 Million Decaliters In October
23.11.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 48.4% Down To 18.8 Million Liters In September
Beer Imports
46.9% Down To 2.6 Million Liters In September
Malt Imports
46.3% Down To 2,300 Tons In September
10.11.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 0.6% Down To 36.5 Million Liters In August
Beer Imports
55.1% Up To 4.8 Million Liters In August
Malt Imports
29.4% Up To 4,200 Tons In August
04.10.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 6.8% Down To 36.7 Million Liters In July
Beer Imports
5.1% Down To 3.1 Million Liters In July
Malt Imports
12.1 Times Up To 3,270 Tons In July
03.09.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer production in Ukraine to remain at 2009 level in 2010
Beer production in Ukraine in 2010 will be 300 million decaliters, which is the same as in 2009 (300.5 million decaliters), according to a press release of CJSC Ukrpyvo, which unites Ukrainian breweries. Ukrpyvo Director General Halyna Korenkova said that in January-July 2010 a total of 188.1 million decaliters of beer was produced in Ukraine, which is 1.6% down YoY. She said that beer exports in H1, 2010 stood at 15.3 million decaliters, and beer imports came to one million decaliters.
02.09.2010 Source: Interfax / UkrPivo

Oceans of beer
Regional producers of live beer squeezing multinational brewing companies.
Last year alone in the capital, the number of stores in which customers poured beer in cups and bottles, increased sixfold - from 50 to 300. And a large-scale occupation of new trading platforms continues.
26.08.2010 Source: korrespondent.net

Beer Production Up By 12% To 39 Million Decaliters In July
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up
By 8.3% To
1 Million Decaliters In July
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Down
By 0.9% To 19.1 Million Decaliters In July
18.08.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Soft Drinks market losing ground
Soft drinks (SD) market in Ukraine showed growth over the past few years. If in 2004, was produced 6,3 million dkl colorful cocktails, in 2005 - already 7,8 million dkl, in 2006 - 8,4 million dkl, and in 2007 - 9,6 million dkl. Crisis in 2008 not only reduced the production of and demand for alcoholic drinks, but on the contrary - the market grew to 11.4 million dkl.
11.08.2010 Source: Economicheskie Izvestiya

Beer Exports 31.4% Up To 39.4 Million Liters In June
Beer Imports
14% Up To 3.3 Million Liters In June
Malt Imports
42.1% Up To 300 Tons In June
03.08.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 5.9% To 34.7 Million Decaliters In June
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages
Down By 14.5% To
1 Million Decaliters In June
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Up By 15.9% To 19.3 Million Decaliters In June
12.07.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 1.4% Up To 30 Million Liters In May
Beer Imports
6.8% Down To 2.9 Million Liters In May
Malt Imports
34.5% Down To 200 Tons In May
23.06.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 15.1% To 32.8 Million Decaliters In May
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Up By 7.5% To 16.6 Million Decaliters In May
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 40.3% To 1.1 Million Decaliters In May
17.06.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Increased excises for beer, vodka, cigarettes, petrol take force in Ukraine
Ukraine has enacted amendments to the tax law that increases excises for beer, vodka, some wines, petrol and cigarettes. The law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on May 20. The instrument also 5 times increases a duty for the use of surface and underground water for beverage production. The law obliges the Cabinet of Ministers to ensure coming of excise duties in the budget without an increase of retail prices of goods and services.
16.06.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Belarus launches antidumping probe into Ukrainian beer imports
Belarus has started an antidumping investigation into imports of Ukrainian malt beer following a proposal voiced Belgospischeprom concern on behalf of Belarus' brewing industries. Volumes of Belarus-bound imports of Ukrainian beer and the value: in 2007 Ukraine supplied Belarus with 1.757 million dal of beer worth USD 7.360, 2008 - 4.237 million dal worth USD 17.763, 2009 - 4.277 million worth USD 16.594 million. The average price of Obolon, Slavutich and Lvivske beer on Ukraine's home market in October 2009 was at USD 0.875 per litre. Supplied on EXW terms, Ukraine-brewed beer was available at USD 0.42 per litre, and USD 0.381 per litre on DAF terms. In the meantime, the average value of beers imported to Belarus in 2009 stands at USD 0.58 per litre. The dumping margin of malt beer export, according to Belarus' breweries, totalled 11.5% in 2009. As a result of Ukraine's dumping policy Belarus saw its malt beer sales drop 9.8% in 2009, which pushed the rate of home-made beer overstocking by 17%.
17.04.2010 Source: PRIME-TASS

Beer Exports 34.4% Up To 20.7 Million Liters In February
Beer Imports
54.9% Up To 1.1 Million Liters In February
Malt Imports
Up By 2.8 Times To 200 Tons In February
01.04.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer market falls by over 6% in 2009
The Ukrainian beer market fell by more than 6% in 2009 YoY, according to analysts from Ukraine's beer producer CJSC Sarmat. The company's press service reported that a key factor for the fall on the beer market had been the introduction of a new excise rate for beer in July 2009, which is almost two times higher than the previous one. Statistics show that the fall in the beer segment was compensated by the increase in the consumption of strong drinks. At the same time, the premium beer segment had a growth of 2-3% last year.
29.03.2010 Source: Sarmat

Beer Production Up By 24.6% To 17 Million Decaliters In February
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 1.1% To
6.4 Million Decaliters In February
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 3% To 530,000 Decaliters In February
24.03.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer excise receipts almost 100% up
Excise receipts in February 2010 to the state budget of Ukraine grew due to alcoholic beverages by almost 24%, wine production - 64%, beer - almost 100%, tobacco products - more than 90% against the same month of 2009.
17.03.2010 Source: State Tax Administration (STA)

Law restricting low-alcohol beverage consumption and sale come into effect in Ukraine
A law passed by the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, on January 21, 2010, to restrict low-alcohol beverage consumption and sales came into effect on March 3, 2010. The law introduces restrictions on low-alcohol beverage consumption in healthcare and educational centers, on public transport and cultural facilities, at indoor sports facilities and at public events. The law bans the sale of low-alcohol drinks to people under 18 years old.
03.03.2010 Source: Interfax

Alcoholic Beverage Production Down 11% To 55.3 Million Decaliters In 2009
25.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Down By 33.8% To 13.7 Million Decaliters In January
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 24.8% To 6.4 Million Decaliters In January
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 17.2% To 546,000 Decaliters In January
23.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Imports 50% Up To 2.3 Million Liters In December
Beer Exports 5.9% Up To 28.5 Million Liters In December
Malt Imports Up By 9.5 Times To 200 Tons In December
02.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 19.8% To 20.6 Million Decaliters In December
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages
Down By 0.7% To 659,000 Decaliters In December
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Up By 51.5% To 8.6 Million Decaliters In December
21.01.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine cuts beer output 6.2%, exports by 2.9%, imports by 16.2% in 2009
Ukraine in 2009 saw beer production fall by 6.2% year-on-year, to 300.5 million decaliters, Halyna Korenkova, the director general of CJSC Ukrpyvo, which unites domestic breweries, has said. According to Ukrpyvo, beer production in Ukraine last year was 300.5 million decaliters, which is 93.8% of 2008 output. Demand on the domestic beer market last year, due to Ukrpyvo, fell by 7.4% and was 265.3 million decaliters. Ukraine in 2009 exported 34.2 million decaliters of beer, which is 2.9% down on 2008, and imported 1.6 million decaliters (16.2% down).
Korenkova said that the decrease in the beer output figure was caused by the economic crisis. This year Ukrainian breweries plan to retain last year's figures of beer production. However, this will be possible only if the excise duty on beer is stable, she said. Another important factor for the stabilization of the beer market is the well-considered position of Ukrainian lawmakers, which should meet the interests of the state, the public and beer producers.
15.01.2010 Source: Interfax

Juice production down
In November, production of fruit and vegetable juices considerably fell. Production was considerably lower against the monthly rate of the year - 42,200 tons against 58,800 tons. In November against October, production dropped by 31.3% or by 19,300 tons. In total, January to November, 647,000 tons of fruit and vegetable juices, as well as nectars, were produced.
31.12.2009 Source: State Statistics Committee of Ukraine

Beer Exports 19% Up To 26.9 Million Liters In November
Beer Imports
30.4% Up To 1.5 Million Liters In November
Malt Imports
87.5% Down To 2 Tons In November
30.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Share of Ukrainian beer imported by Russia growing
The share of cheap Ukrainian beer imported by Russia is growing in the structure of Russian imports, as beer supplies started to increase after a certain decline. In volume terms, the share of Ukrainian beer grew by 80% in 2009 (73% in 2008) amid a 33.5% reduction in beer imports from Germany and a 30.7% drop in imports from the Czech Republic.
24.12.2009 Source: Pivnoe Delo

Beer Production
Down By 16.6% To 17.2 Million Decaliters In November
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages
Down By 7.3% To 663,000 Decaliters In November
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Down By 22.6% To 5.7 Million Decaliters In November
Yeast Production
2% Down To 6,600 Tons In November
22.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 1.7% To 20.6 Million Decaliters In October
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 11.6% To 7.3 Million Decaliters In October
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 3.7% To 716,000 Decaliters In October
Yeast Production 0.8% Up To 6,800 Tons In October
24.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Juice production down in Ukraine
Production of fruit and leguminous juices and nectars made up 605,000 tons by results of January-October 2009, 28.8% less against the same period of 2008, according to the State Statistics Committee.
24.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Down By 33.5% To 20.3 Million Decaliters In September
Yeast Production 0.1% Down To 6,700 Tons In September
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Down By 27% To 8.3 Million Decaliters In September
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 1.6% To 743,000 Decaliters In September
06.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports 37.2% Down To 20.3 Million Liters In September
Beer Imports 46.6% Down To 1.1 Million Liters In September
Malt Imports 66.7% Up To 300 Tons In September
04.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine cuts beer import
The amount of beer imported to Ukraine in September 2009 fell by 46.6% or 920,020 liters compared to August 2009, to 1.055 million liters worth USD 720,000. Beer was mainly imported from Russia (576,190 liters or 54.6% of the whole amount of imported beer). Ukraine reduced beer import by 14.3% or 2.684 million liters in January-September 2009 YoY to 16.15 million liters worth USD 10.32 million. In 2008, beer import rose by 2.3 times or 15.24 million liters to 26.73 million liters worth USD 20.43 million.
03.11.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Beer Production Up By 4.1% To 35.9 Million Decaliters In July
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Up By 9.8% To 20.5 Million Decaliters In July
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages
Up By 4.9% To 1,015,000 Decaliters In July
07.09.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukraine cuts down beer consumption
The domestic beer market volume reduced over February-July by 20.0% in a liter equivalent against the same period of 2008. At the same time, decrease of the market volumes in July 2009 against July 2008 made up 25.8% in a liter equivalent. The average price of 0.5 liter of beer in July 2009 against July 2008 grew by 13.6%, data of the retail trade monitoring over February-July 2009.
07.09.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Harte Konkurrenz auf dem ukrainischen Getränkemarkt
Kleinere Unternehmen sind jetzt Übernahme-Kandidaten
Mit Absatzeinbußen zwischen 5 und 15% rechnen für das Jahr 2009 ukrainische Hersteller nichtalkoholischer Getränke. Auf dem schrumpfendem Markt hat der Preiswettbewerb deutlich an Schärfe gewonnen. Das Marktsegment umfasst im wesentlichen Limonaden und andere Cola- und süße Fruchtgetränke, ferner Kwas (ein schwach alkoholisches "Brotbier"), Eistees und Teegetränke sowie sogenannte funktionale Getränke (Energy Drinks für Sportler, Wellness- und Lifestyle-Getränke).
04.09.2009 Source: gtai

Ukrainische Brauereien erleiden Rückschlag
Bier-Ausstoß sinkt seit dem 4. Quartal 2008
Der Bier-Ausstoß in der Ukraine hat im Jahre 2008 noch einmal geringfügig zugelegt. Nach Angaben des Fachverbands UkrPyvo (Kiew) lag er aber im 1. Quartal 2008 um 14% unter dem des entsprechenden Vorjahreszeitraums. 2009 dürfte die Bierproduktion weiter sinken. Die Prognosen von Branchenvertretern für die Produktionseinbußen im Gesamtjahr 2009 bewegen sich zwischen 5 und 13%.
03.09.2009 Source: gtai

Beer Exports Down 4.5% YoY To 19.1 Million Decaliters In H1 of 2009
Beer Imports
Down 1% YoY To 1.07 Million Decaliters In H1 of 2009
03.09.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Areas under hop crops for brewing industry must rise thrice
Areas under hop crops must be raised thrice until 2015 to satisfy completely demand of Ukrainian breweries for hop, considers a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences and Director of the agricultural enterprise Polissya Yuriy Savchenko. According to him, 504mn decilitres of beer will be manufactured in Ukraine in 2015, against 335mn decilitres in 2008. It means that area of productive hop-yards must be raised to 3,100 hectares, against 943 hectares in 2008. If quality and output of hop rises, content of alpha acids in hop cones will advance from 4.5% in 2008 to 7-8% in 2015. It will allow to raise croppage of alpha acids from 40 tons in 2008 to 283 tons in 2015.
According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, at present, demand of the brewing industry for hop reaches about 4,500 tons per year. Output of hop is expected to reach 1,100-1,200 tons in 2009, against 900 tons in 2008.
02.09.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Excise Duty Grows By 93.5% To UAH 0.6 Per Liter From July 1
Ukraine increased the excise rate on beer by 93.5% to 60 kopecks per liter from July 1. The law increasing the duty was adopted by the parliament on June 3. In addition, from July 1, according to the law adopted on March 31, 2009, the excise rates on sparkling wine rose by 56% to UAH 2.5 per liter, on ethyl spirit, liquors and vodka by 58% to UAH 34 per liter of 100% spirit and on cider and some other drinks by 2.8 times to UAH 34 per liter of 100% spirit. The law also introduces the annual indexation of the excise rates according to inflation from 2010, and not from 2012.
According to the State Statistics Committee, in January to May beer production in Ukraine came to 121 million decaliters, which is 8.8% less YoY, while vodka output grew by 31.1% to 17.8 million decaliters.
01.07.2009 Source: Interfax

Beer Imports Up 88.5% To 2.9 Million Liters In May
Beer Exports
Down 1.8% To 36.6 Million Liters In May
01.07.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer market may drop by 20-30%
Restrictions for sale and use of beer initiated in the parliament, similar to those acting with regard to strong drinks could lead to the reduction of the national beer market by 20-30%, CJSC Obolon CEO Serhiy Bloshchanevych believes. According to him, with this decision, a responsibility of trade and law enforcement bodies is shifted to beer producers. The bill forbids retail sale and drinking of beer and soft drinks in parks, squares and other public places, as well as in 500 m distance from children's, educational and medical establishments, in all types of the public transport of the city, local and inter-city communications, at cultural and sports establishments and sports grounds. The bill envisages a ban for retail sale of beer and soft drinks to persons under 18 years of age. The Ukrainian beer market capacity is estimated at approximately 320 million decaliters a year.
26.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 32.7% To 37.3 Million Decaliters In May
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Up 7.8% To 19.4 Million Decaliters In May
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages
Up 18.5% To 1,338,100 Decaliters In May
Grape Wine Production
Up 2.2% To 2.05 Million Decaliters In May
Champagne Production
Up 14% Up To 204,000 Decaliters In May
Cognac Production
Down 5.1% To 249,000 Decaliters In May
Vodka Production Up 26.9% Up To 4.9 Million Decaliters In May
18.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Yuschenko Vetoes Increased Excise On Beer
President Viktor Yuschenko has vetoed the law on the increase of the excise on beer of 93.5% or UAH 0.29 to UAH 0.6 per liter. As earlier reported, on June 3, the Verkhovna Rada has increased the excise duty on beer from July 1.
18.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Brewers Expect Bear Price Growth Of UAH 0.25 Per 0.5-Liter Bottle From July
Ukrainian beer producers forecast that the price per 0.5-liter bottle of beer will grow by UAH 0.25 from July. "If the beer excise grows up to UAH 0.6, the price of a bottle will on average grow by UAH 0.2-0.25," President of the Obolon CJSC Oleksandr Slobodian told. Director general of the Carlsberg Group in Ukraine Peter Chernyshov said that the price policy will be revised soon, and confirmed that the beer prices are likely to grow by about UAH 0.5 per liter.
04.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Exports Up 30.4% To 37.2 Million Liters In April
Beer Imports
Down 31% To 1.6 Million Liters In April
Malt Imports
7.5 Times Up To 1,600 Tons In April
28.05.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 20.5% To 28.1 Million Decaliters In April
Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Up 66.2% To 17.9 Million Decaliters In April
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages
Up 23.8% To 1,129,500 Decaliters In April
22.05.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer Production Up By 33.7% To 23.3 Million Decaliters In March
In March, breweries increased beer production by 33.7% or 5.876 million decaliters to 23.300 million decaliters, compared with February. In January-March 2009, beer output fell by 13.6% or 8.794 million decaliters to 55.505 million decaliters year-on-year.
Beer production rose by 1.5% or 4.658 million decaliters and made up 320.298 million decaliters in 2008 compared with 2007. According to the specified data, in 2007 beer production made up 315.640 million decaliters. SUN InBev Ukraine, Obolon, BBH Ukraine and Sarmat brewing group control the Ukrainian beer market.

Production Of Non-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 48.8% To 10.8 Million Decaliters In March
Production Of Low-Alcoholic Beverages Up By 34.1% To 912,700 Decaliters In March

Beer Exports Up By 8.8% To 28.5 Million Liters In March
Beer Imports Up By 25.1% To 2.3 Million Liters In March
01.05.2009 Source: Ukrainian News


Companies News

Carlsberg Group
Launches Production Of Slavutych ICE Mix Cranberry Beer
23.06.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Miller Brands Ukraine starts supplying Sarmat and Zhigulivske beer to Georgia
Miller Brands Ukraine, a large beer producer in Ukraine, has signed a contract with T&D (Trade&Development, Georgia) to supply "Sarmat" and "Zhigulivske" beer to the Georgian market. The production of Donetsk brewery, which has been owned by SABMiller plc since 2008, was delivered to Georgia previously but not regularly.
17.06.2011 Source: press-service of SABMiller plc.

"Kvas Taras" is Acknowledged as the Best among Kvas Brands
From May 23 to June 5, 2011 the VI All-Ukrainian kvas festival was held within the 23rd International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO 2011". According to its results TM "Kvas Taras" was acknowledged as the best among the presented brands and awarded a gold medal for the high quality of fermented beverages.
14.06.2011 Source: press-service of Carlsberg Group

Slavutich, Carlsberg Group, will purchase a batch of hops from a Ukrainian producer
Slavutichcompany starts cooperation with a domestic producer of hops. The company will purchase the first batch of the Ukrainian granulated hops in the amount of 678 kg (alpha acid) from "Schedry Urozhay" agricultural firm. The volume of the batch being purchased makes up 2.5% of "Slavutich" annual demand in hops.
14.06.2011 Source: press-service of Carlsberg Group

The taste of Amsterdam Mariner beer was rated highly by the experts
Amsterdam Mariner beer, produced by Miller Brands Ukraine, the subsidiary of SABMiller plc, received an award for excellent quality at the Superior Taste Award contest in Brussels (Belgium), organised by the International Taste&Quality Institute (iTQi). The independent jury included 140 chefs and sommeliers, members of 12 prestigious professional European associations, gave high ratings to the organoleptic qualities of the product: its taste, aroma, aftertaste, appearance and colour. In 2011, 906 products from over 80 countries participated in the contest. Amsterdam Mariner is produced in the Ukraine under a licence of Royal Grolsch Breweries N.V. (Netherlands).
14.06.2011 Source: press-service of SABMiller plc.

Molson Coors Brings Carling to Ukraine
UK''s #1 Lager Enters the Second Largest Eastern European Beer Market
Molson Coors Brewing Company (NYSE: TAP) announced today that it has launched Carling in Ukraine, Eastern Europe''s second largest beer market, through a commercial joint venture with Obolon Company, a leading Ukraine brewer. With the support of the new Ukrainian team in Kiev, Molson Coors and Obolon jointly will manage the marketing and distribution of Carling. Obolon will brew and package Carling for the Ukraine market.
31.05.2011 Source: Molson Coors Brewing Company

Obolon starts producing UK beer under license of US Molson Coors
Obolon Corporation (Kyiv), one of the largest breweries in Ukraine,
has agreed with Molson Coors Brewing Company on the production of British
Carling beer at Kyiv-based plant Obolon, Molson Coors International Director
General in Ukraine Oleksandr Kiselev has reported.
26.05.2011 Source: Interfax / Obolon

SABMiller plc announced annual results for fiscal year 2011.
The group's Ukrainian subsidiary showed excellent volume growth.

SABMiller plc, one of the world's leading brewers with operations and distribution agreements across six continents, delivered very strong financial results. SABMiller's Ukrainian operation, Miller Brands Ukraine, demonstrated excellent volume growth, achieving the 2nd highest growth rate within SABMiller's European division. Miller Brands Ukraine achieved an impressive total volume growth of 21% in the year ended 31st March 2011. Almost half of that growth came from premium licensed brands, recently introduced by the company: Miller Genuine Draft, Velkopopovicky Kozel and Zolotaya Bochka.
20.05.2011 Source: press-service of SABMiller

Krym Beer And Non-Alcoholic Beverages Plant Ends 2010 With Profit Of UAH 3.5 Million
05.05.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Slavutich brewery is going to invest more than 400 million UAH in the company's development.
On April 28, 2011 the general meeting of shareholders of the PJSC Slavutich Brewery took place. The shareholders approved the company's financial results documenting net profits earned in 2010 at the level of 333 million 854 thousand UAH. The Meeting also resolved to forward the net profit of 312.4 million UAH received in 2010 and the net profit of OJSC Lvivska Brewery for 9 months of 2010 (before joining) at the amount of 95,163 UAH to the company's development and to transfer the remaining funds - 21.5 million UAH to the Company's Reserve Fund. In addition, the shareholders approved an increase in the authorized capital of the Company's subsidiary in Moldova. On April 21, "Slavutich" company acquired the subsidiary Company of "Baltika" in Moldova (the enterprise with foreign capital of "Baltika" Ltd) within the process of integrating the companies of Carlsberg Group in Eastern Europe and became the owner of 100% authorized capital of ÎCS "Carlsberg" SRL.
05.05.2011 Source: press service of Slavutich

Myrhorod Mineral Water Plant Ends 2010 With Profit Of UAH 17.6 Million

In Ukraine stopped selling Guiness beer
Irish beer Guinness is no longer sold in the Ukrainian bars. Supply disruptions due to the fact that Diageo, the owner of the brand, decided to change the distributor. Since 2003, the Guinness company has imported to Ukraine Huber trade. In November 2010 the contract was renegotiated, but after a month Diageo unilaterally and without explanation terminate the contract. For Huber Trade Mark Guinness played the first image-role, says CEO Yuri Kolotay. "Annual sales of beer in Ukraine - about $ 1 million. But for us the loss of this amounts to a loss of brand name ", - explained the manager. As argued in restaurants, in May, Guinness should reappear in the sale: Diageo in talks with the company Slavutich Carlsberg Group to conclude a distribution agreement.
20.04.2011 Source: Economy

Lviv Brewery Launches Three-Month Lvivske Vysokyi Zamok Beer Production For 755th Anniversary Of Lviv Foundation
15.04.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

"Lvivske" beer will be sold in the new PET-bottle
"Lvivske" beer prepared a nice gift for its fans. From now onward the favorite drink is available in the convenient new PET-bottle of 1.5 l. According to the studies more and more beer lovers prefer PET-packaging in recent years because such bottles are light, easy to use and cheaper. It should be noted that in 2010 the market share of beer in the PET-packaging increased by 1% compared with 2009. Number of sales of beer in PET for the same period increased by 7% beating the numerical value of sales of beer in the glass bottles. During the first quarter of 2011 the share of beer sold in PET makes up 49.2% - almost half of the total beer market of Ukraine.
15.04.2011 Source: pivnoe-delo.info

'Obolon Svitle' is renewed
Obolon brewers have made the shelf life of 'Obolon Svitle' beer shorter. This novelty is intended to globally change the situation in the beer market. From now on, consumers can always drink only fresh beer.
05.04.2011 Source: press service of Obolon

Obolon Forecasts Ukrainian Beer Market To Grow 2% - 3% To 287 Million - 290 Million Decalitres In 2011
Obolon Increases Beer Production By 3% To 99.4 Million Decaliters In 2010

Sarmat brewery integration in SABMillerplc completed
One of the four largest beer producers in Ukraine, company Sarmat (Donetsk), has changed its name. Late last year, the company was renamed Miller Brands Ukraine. In March 2011, the integration of CJSC Sarmat in the structure of one of the world's leading breweries, SABMillerplc, was completed. The company has received three licenses for the production of beer under the brand names Velkopopovicky' Kozel, Golden Barrel, Amsterdam Mariner. SABMillerplc became the owner of the Sarmat brewery two and a half years ago.
05.04.2011 Source: Ukrinform

Yablunevy Dar juice producer takes aim at IPO in Warsaw
Ukraine's largest producer of concentrated juice, the company Yablunevy Dar is aimed at the IPO in Warsaw. "The stake offered for sale will not exceed 20%," the owner of the company, Taras Barschovsky, said. The final date of listing has not been defined yet. According to Barschovsky, it will not happen before 2013. Because of the shortage of raw materials in Ukraine, Barschovsky is forced to build and buy plants where there are enough resources. This explains the active work of his company in Poland. Availability of production capacities in the EU also contributes to increasing its presence in the European market of concentrated juice. "We hold a 60% share of juice concentrate production market in Ukraine. The only our competitors are the Austrians and Germans, who have a factory in Vinnytsia region," the entrepreneur emphasizes. Today the company Yablunevy Dar is among the ten largest producers of juice concentrate in Europe. Its concentrate is used to make more than half of domestic packaged juices, as well as a significant part of Russian-made drinks.
31.03.2011 Source: Ukrinform

Sandora opened direct sales office in Zhitomyr
Official opening of sales office in Zhitomyr of Sandora LLC (is a part of PepsiCo) took place at 28th of March. It's a forth city, where company opens a office of direct sales since the beginning of 2011. "We expand our presence in regions to provide high quality services of "Sandora" (PepsiCo) company products selling. We do see a high potential of our brands sales development in region and new office opening is a part of company strategy. "- says Sales Director of "Sandora" company Vyacheslav Gnasevich. Main office will be located in Vinnitsa, where will the management of two regions be located. At the moment "Sandora" carries out direct sales in 16 Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Nikolayev, Kherson, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Rovno, Lutsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhie, Krivoy Rog, Sumy, Poltava,Vinnitsa and Zhitomyr.
28.03.2011Source: press-service of Sandora

Rosynka Ends 2010 With UAH 4.2 Million In Profits
22.03.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Slavuta Malt Plant Ends 2010 With Profit Of UAH 16.7 Million
09.03.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Vitmark Ukraine's Sales Up 15.5% To UAH 970 Million In 2010
27.01.2011 Source: Ukrainian News

Carlsberg Group Ukraine Becomes Official Distributor Of Negra Modelo Beer In Ukraine And Moldova
22.12.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Obolon Finds Necessary Advance Beer Prices 15% In Ukraine Over Raw Materials Costs Rise
06.12.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Sandora introduces two new juices
Sadochok TM by Sandora has marketed a new seasonal product. From the beginning of December till February 2010 one of the largest Ukrainian juice producers will introduce two new flavours - "Honey Apple" and "Winter Tale". The apple flavour is one of the most popular and favourite, its share is more than 14% of Ukrainian juice market. Sadochok TM completed it with wholesome and traditionally loved product - honey. An unusual combination of grapefruit, apple and chokeberry will be introduced in the product with holiday name Sadochok Winter Tale.
Sadochok TM occupies considerable position among all trade marks, represented in Ukraine. Sadochok TM share makes approximately 29% of domestic juice market in 2010 according to AC Nielsen company.
01.12.2010 Source: Context-Prichernomorie

Horizon Capital invests in non-alcoholic beverages company Vitmark
Horizon Capital, a leading regional private equity fund manager, has made an investment in Vitmark-Ukraine, one of Ukraine's leading juice companies whose brands include well-known Jaffa and Nash Sik. The capital comes from Horizon Capital's USD 390 million Emerging Europe Growth Fund II (EEGF II). Vitmark-Ukraine is the No.2 player on the non-alcoholic beverages market in Ukraine, with a market share of 27.5%. It currently operates two production sites in Odesa region, processing plant in Rakhny and a nationwide distribution network with 12 regional sales offices. Jaffa and Nash Sik brands cover both premium and middle market segments, enabling the company to reach a broad segment of the population and significantly increase its market share since 2008.
04.10.2010 Source: press-service of Horizon Capital

Carlsberg Group Ukraine Obtains ISO 22000:2005 International Product Safety Standard Certificate
15.09.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Vitmark Ukraine Launches Production Of Children's Juices Under Jusik Trademark
10.09.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Carlsberg Group Begins Production Of Lvivske Yuvileine Beer
07.09.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Obolon Corporation is the absolute champion in number of awards at 'Beer Fest 2010'
According to the International professional beer contest of beer, low alcoholic and soft drinks, mineral and drinking water the products of the Obolon Corporation have won as many as 38 awards. The contest was held in the frames of the 17th international specialized exhibition "Beer & Soft Drinks Industry 2010".
03.09.2010 Source: press service of Obolon

Obolon Starts Producing Zhyhulivske Beer
The bottling of Zhygulivske beer has started at Obolon. Valentyna Mykusevych, Quality Assurance Director of the Obolon Corporation, said: 'Zhygulivske beer was produced by more than two hundred breweries in the Soviet Union; however, the beer of Kyiv Brewery #3 (Obolon) was considered to be the best in the USSR. Artesian water coupled with best ingredients made the beer extremely tasty. We've revived the good old taste, well known to many consumers. The main feature of our beer is the absence of pasteurization. Without a doubt, the short storage life - only 30 days - will ensure that fresh Zhygulivske beer from Obolon is available at points of sale'.
04.08.2010 Source: press-service of Obolon

Slavutich, Carlsberg Group starts selling TopTea iced tea
Slavutich, Carlsberg Group, one of the largest breweries in Ukraine, has started selling iced tea produced by EcoProduct Company under the TopTea trademark. According to a press release of Slavutich, Carlsberg Group, the decision to sell tea was made on the basis of current upward trends in the segment. "In 2005-2008 the iced tea market showed a very high pace of growth. Currently the potential of the sector is very high too, as iced tea consumption per person in Ukraine is three times less than in Russia and six times less than in Poland. According to specialists' forecasts, the iced tea market will double by 2012," reads the report. TopTea will be the second non-beer brand of the company, while the first is Kvas Taras.
12.07.2010 Source: Interfax

IDS Group Launches Production Of Water For Kids Akva Niania
12.07.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Slavutych Beer And Non-Alcoholic Beverage Plant To Buy Out 6.5% Of Its Shares
Slavutych Brewery, one of the largest beer producers in Ukraine, announced yesterday its recent AGM approved an offer to minority shareholders to buy their shares at UAH 2.1 per share, or 13% below the stock's current market price. The buyout is part of Slavutych's reorganization program involving a merger with sister company Lviv Brewery. The buyout formally began on Jun. 26 and will last until Jul. 26, 2010.
08.07.2010 Source: Dragon Capital

Slavutych Brewery to merge with Lviv Brewery
Carlsberg Group Ukraine (CGU), the owner of Slavutych Brewery, plans to merge its other Ukrainian asset, Lviv Brewery (99.6% CGU-owned), with the listed subsidiary. A recent AGM of Slavutych approved an 8% share capital increase via the issuance of 72.7 million new shares at par of UAH 1.0/share, which is equal to Lviv Brewery's current share capital. The merged company will have 1,022,432,914 outstanding shares.
02.07.2010 Source: Dragon Capital

Obolon fosters partnership with German Bitburger Braugruppe
Thanks to Obolon, the well-known German Bitburger beer appeared on the Ukrainian premium beer market in 2009. Obolon cooperated with the German brewer Bitburger Braugruppe during 2009, setting up joint production of high-quality super premium Bitburger beer in 0.5l cans. Today the premium and licensed beer market in Ukraine is showing an upward trend. Over the last few months, a 12.6% increase in the overall market volume has been observed (as compared to 11.4% for the same period last year). The beginning of 2010 has been more successful for Bitburger sales in Ukraine.
30.06.2010 Source: press service of Obolon

Obolon launches production of pioneering Zhyvchyk noncarbonated beverage
At the end of April, Obolon expanded the Zhyvchyk™ product line by starting the production of the pioneering beverage Zhyvchyk noncarbonated with apple juice. This move is a response to the latest trends on the world soft drink market, where still (noncarbonated) beverages enjoy great popularity. The new product is manufactured at the Krasylivske Subsidiary of Obolon CJSC in Khmelnitsky Region.
17.06.2010 Source: press service of Obolon

Obolon - the most famous Ukrainian beer in the world
Obolon is a world-renowned innovative company whose products are highly rated not only in Ukraine but also abroad. By continuously improving production techniques and management systems the company team works to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers. Consistently high quality of beverages is a constant priority of the Obolon Company.
May 2010 Source: World Finance Review

Sandora is signing of the long-term contract with IDS Group
Sandora Company, a part of PepsiCo and the leader of the domestic juice market, and IDS Group, a part of IDS Borjomi International and the absolute leader of the Ukrainian mineral water market in all categories, singed a pilot project of a long-term contract. According to the conditions of this contract Sandora Company becomes an official distributor of Morshinskaya TM in HoReCa channel.
17.05.2010 Source: press-service of Sandora

Ukraine & Belarus: Ukrainian and Belarusian brewers team up
The Belarusian Brestskoye Pivo brewery has started contract manufacturing of beer for Ukrainian Obolon company, director of the company Oleg Kisel was quoted as saying by Black Sea Grain on April, 28. According to him, Brestskoye Pivo has made a trial consignment of two sorts of the Desant brand. The plans are to manufacture around 2 thousand hl of this beer on a monthly basis. In the future the output will depend on sales. The beer will be marketed in Belarus by Obolon's dealer. Brestskoye Pivo is one of Belarus' biggest beer producers. The company was set up in 1971 as Brest plant of non-alcoholic beverages. In 2001 the company was reorganized into Brestskoye Pivo brewery.
07.05.2010 Source: e-malt.com

Obolon markets live fermented quass
Obolon has released a pioneering product onto the soft drink market - live fermented Bogatyrskyi quass. Initial batches of the beverage have already been produced at Zibert Brewery Subsidiary of Obolon CJSC in Fastiv, Kyiv Region. Bogatyrskyi quass is a genuine natural quass produced by live fermentation. It is produced by the classic technique, according to which the manufacturing process begins with sprouting barley and rye to obtain malt. The components of quass are exclusively natural products - crystal clear water, barley and rye malt, yeasts and sugar.
16.04.2010 Source: press-service of Obolon

Carlsberg Group In Ukraine Launches Production Of Baltika No.7 Export Beer
25.03.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

SUN InBev Ukraine Profit Jumps 4.8x in 2009
SUN InBev Ukraine, the country's largest national brewer by sales, reported a net profit of UAH 389mn (USD 49.9mn) in 2009, 4.8x higher than a year earlier in USD terms. Full financial results under Ukrainian accounting standards will be released by the end of April.
11.03.2010 Source: Sincome

Vinnifruit Trims Production By 51.3% To 36,300 Tons In 2009
IDS Group
Cuts Water Sales By 1% To 46.1 Million Decaliters In 2009
25.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Sandora Intending To Put Into Operation Trigeneration Power Plant In Mykoliav Region Until March
05.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Radomyshl Beer And Beverage Plant Ends 2009 At Loss Of UAH 40.3 Million
02.02.2010 Source: Ukrainian News

Obolon cuts beer output
In 2009, one of Ukraine's largest breweries, Kyiv-based CJSC Obolon, reduced beer production by 14.8% to 96.6 million decaliters. The whole beer market, according to UkrPivo (UkrBeer) Association, one of the organizer of Beer & Soft Drinks exhibition, fell down only by 6.2% to 300,500 million decaliters. The Obolon brewery (key trademarks Obolon, Magnat, Hike, Desant, Gin-Tonic, Rum-Cola, Maxitos, Prozora, Zhyvchyk) produces beer, low-alcohol beverages and soft drinks at six enterprises in Ukraine.
25.01.2010 Source: Ukrinform

Obolon to return to leaders on Ukrainian beer market in 2010
Kiev-based Obolon brewery plans in 2010 to regain leading positions on the Ukrainian beer market lost in 2009. In 2009, the Obolon's share of beer production was 32.2%, and for the first time Obolon lost the top position, which the company firmly intends to regain this year. Last year the company cut beer production by 14.8% compared to 2008, to 96.6 million decaliters. The company said that last year was one of the most difficult years for the beer sector. Apart from a rise in excise duties on beer, the market was affected by a fall in consumers' buying power. Obolon said that preconditions for its return to the leading position in 2010 were registered in November-December 2009, when the company's share was 37.2%."The Obolon Corporation has every chance of retaining the upward trend seen in the previous months. In December 2009 the company was the leader on the Ukrainian beer market, and we took the lead over our key rival by 4.6%," the press service said, citing the company's president Oleksandr Slobodian.
22.01.2010 Source: press-service of Obolon

EBRD to credit CJSC Obolon with USD 50 million
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will provide a loan of up to USD 50 million to CJSC Obolon, one of Ukraine's biggest producers of beer and no-alcohol beverages, the EBRD press service reported. The sum will be used for restructuring of the company's balance and financing investments into extension of energy capacities of the brewery. The total volume of this project financing must be USD 123 million.
31.12.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Sandora Launches Production Of Pepsi And 7-Up Beverages
23.12.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Ukrainian soft drink producer Rosinka to be bought by Japan
On 13 November, Japanese company Suntory Holdings announced the purchase of European manufacturer of soft drinks Orangina Schweppes. The cost of the deal is kept confidential, but analysts estimate it to be USD 3.8 billion. As a result of the transaction, Suntory acquired control over Orangina, Oasis, and Schweppes brand names. Beside other companies, Orangina Schweppes owns Kyiv soft drink producer Rosinka TM purchased in 2007. Experts forecast the deal will stiffen the competition in the Ukrainian market. The Ukrainians may see the impact no earlier than a year from now.
The global market actor is interested in the Ukrainian market as the latter is becoming more consolidated. Ukrainian market for soft drinks shows 10-15% growth annually. According to the State Committee for Statistics, the market volume was USD 77 million in 2008. The growth slowed down after the start of the crisis (to 3-5% in 2009.)
Competition on the soft drinks market will be strengthened, while the number of actors will be reducing. A struggle among producers will be shifted to a national from a local level. Today, many manufacturers distribute their products mainly locally. There is no strongly marked national leader, and manufacturers are going to begin to struggle for the leadership, experts maintain. Now, best selling companies on the market are Coca-Cola, Biola, Zhyvchik, and Fanta TMs.
16.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Obolon Launches Zibert White Beer Production
12.11.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

IDS Group Expecting Mineral Waters Market To Grow 7% To 193 Million Decaliters In 2010
IDS Group To Invest USD 20-25 Million In Development Of Production In 2010
IDS Group, Ukraine's largest mineral-water holding, was founded in December 2004 through the merger of four companies: the Industrial and Distribution Systems (Kyiv), the Nova company (Morshyn, Lviv region), the Myrhorod mineral-water plant (Poltava region), and the Oscar Mineral Water Factory (Morshyn, Lviv region). IDS Group is part of IDS Borjomi International, an international holding. IDS Group produces mineral water under the Myrhorodska, Morshynska, Alaska, Staryi Myrhorod, Sorochynska, and Truskavetska Kryshtaleva brand names. It also imports the Borjomi brand of mineral water into Ukraine.
Source: Ukrainian News

Obolon and Slavutich Carlsberg Group to resume beer exports to Belarus
The largest Ukrainian breweries Obolon and Slavutich Carlsberg Group will resume beer exports to Belarus, according to Ukrainian media. Currently both companies account for nearly 90% of the total Ukrainian beer exports to Belarus. All the, shipments were halted in the middle August due to problems with the Belarusian beer distributor "Aramis and K" Company. "We have signed a contract with another company-distributor. Now our products are returned to the shelves of the Belarusian supermarkets. However their levels are not as large as in the past," - said Kravets, Obolon's corporate affairs director. He also added that due to temporary absence from the Belarus market the financial losses of Obolon may exceed USD 1 million. At the same time, the second largest beer exporter to Belarus Slavutich Carlsberg Group intends to resume deliveries next week. "A new company will deal with the distribution of our products in the Belarusian market", - said Roman Bondar, the export manager of the company. According to his estimates, the exports to Belarus this year will be lower than originally planned by 15%.
30.10.2009 Source: FoodBizDaily.com

Ukraine's Slavutich brewery sees sales in Belarus unchanged in 2009
Ukraine's brewery Slavutich, Carlsberg Group, plans to keep sales in Belarus unchanged in 2009 at 700,000 decaliters, national export manager of the company, Roman Bondar, told Prime-Tass. "It is a very difficult year both for producers and consumers. We hope to sell at least the amount we sold in 2008, that is, 700,000 decaliters," he said. Bondar noted a rapid development of the beer market in Belarus, which is typical of all former Soviet Union countries. Slavutich, Carlsberg Group has a combined capacity of 10 million hectoliters of beer and 2 million hectoliters of soft drinks annually. The company makes beverages under proprietary and international brands Slavutich, Slavutich ICE, Lvovskoe, Tuborg, Holsten, Carlsberg, Baltika, 7UP, Pepsi, and Kvass Taras. Slavutich Carlsberg Group produced 54.116 million decaliters of beer in January-August.
10.09.2009 Source: Prime-Tass

Obolon has started manufacturing new non-pasteurized beer
The company Obolon has started manufacturing new non-pasteurized beer Obolon Zhivoe. Guaranteed shelf life of the drink reaches 45 days, which allows to sell the product overall Ukraine. The novelty is available in a litre PET packaging, 0.5-litre glass bottles, and in kegs. The average cost of beer reaches UAH 4 (EUR 0.32 USD 0.46). According to the company, sales of the new kind of beer will allow to raise market share of the brand Obolon by 1% in 2009.
09.09.2009 Source: Pivnoe delo

Ukraine's Obolon Brewery to bottle Bitburger beer
The Ukrainian brewery, Obolon, has concluded a licensing agreement with the German brewer Bitburger Braugruppe to bottle and sell Bitburger beer in Ukraine. Bottling of Bitburger Light began in July 2009. Prior to the deal Bitburger was imported into Ukraine for eight years by Huber-Trade, however, these deliveries were halted in autumn 2008 due to a lack of investment in brand promotion. The Bitburger light beer will be sold in Ukraine at UAH 7.5 per 0.5 liters (USD 1 - UAH 7.68). The Obolon's share in total beer production in Ukraine posted 35.4% and 30.4% on the domestic market in 2008.
10.08.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Obolon has started to export malt and beer pellet
The largest Ukrainian manufacturer of beer and beverages Company "Obolon" has started exporting its own production of raw materials - barley malt and beer pellet. High-quality barley malt of Pilsner type produced on a modern malt plant in Chemerivtsi. The new company is able to produce 120,000 thousand tonnes of malt per year, which minimizes the dependence of Obolon from external markets of malt. Therefore, depending on their needs in malt, the company will be able to export about 10,000 tonnes of malt this year. Also Obolon has started exporting dry granules of beer pellet, which are used as nutritious feed for livestock. Actually, the negotiations on the export brewery pellet in the UK, Poland and other countries are being held.
05.08.2009 Source: press-service of Obolon

Obolon beer wins eight awards at Moscow beer festival
Obolon Company has won eight awards at the 11th International Moscow Beer Festival where largest breweries from Russia and other European countries gathered. Obolon beer won six awards according to the results of the Osiris 2009 professional contest. Obolon Non-Alcoholic and Obolon Strong received Platinum Osiris awards. Gold Osiris awards went to Obolon Light (in the Best Light Beer 11% nomination), Obolon Magnat (in the Best Light Beer 12% nomination), and Obolon White (as an example of the best special beer). Obolon Wheat won Silver Osiris. Obolon also won two awards in the National Tasting contest.
16.07.2009 Source: Ukrinform

Pepsi-owned Ukraine juice producer starts producing FruTonus fizzy drinks
Mykolayiv-based Sandora, the leading Ukrainian juice producer acquired by PepsiCo in 2007, has started producing fizzy drinks under the FruTonus brand. A special line for fizzy drink production with a capacity of 170 million liters a year has been set up. "We plan that this new product will become a strong brand on the fizzy drink market, which is a new market for Sandora. This step will help us not only widen the range of our products, attracting additional consumers and increasing sales, but also strengthen our positions on the non-alcoholic drinks market," Olena Stoyanova, the marketing director at the company said. The company plans to produce 8 million liters of the new drink this year.
03.07.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Czech beer brand Velkopopovicky Kozel, a recent arrival on the Ukraine market, will hold a major promotional event - an open-air festival dedicated to Czech culture in Pirogovo Museum. Produced by Sarmat brewery in Donetsk, the beer takes its name from Velke Popovice village, only10 kilometers from Prague. Beer festivals are frequently held there. Now this tradition is gaining hold in Kyiv. The event will be held July 4-5, inside the so-called "Czech Village" in Pirogovo
02.07.2009 Source: Kyiv Post

EBRD To Provide Loan Of USD 50 Million To Obolon
The EBRD is considering providing a senior loan of USD 50 million to support CJSC Obolon, a leading Ukrainian beer and beverages producer, in restructuring its balance sheet and funding energy efficiency improvements. Obolon CJSC (the "Company" or "Obolon") is a leading Ukrainian company in the beer and soft drinks sector with annual 2008 production volume of around 113 million dekalitres of beer and an estimated 30 per cent of market share in 2008.
26.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Odesa Champagne Factory Plans Start Making Kosher Champagne For Export To Israel, West Europe And USA
19.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Obolon introduces mineral water Prozora in in new premium packaging, a 0.5-litre glass bottle. The product is available in retail outlets and in the HoReCa segment.
Source: Ukrainian News

Sandora Launches Carbonated Soft Drink Bottling Line Of 170 Million Litres Annual Capacity
16.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

CJSC Sarmat Extends Brand Portfolio
CJCS Sarmat has started local production of Zolotatya Bochka - one of the leading Russian brands in premium segment at its brewery in Donetsk. The premium segment is one of the fastest growing in the Ukrainian beer market. Zolotaya Bochka has been imported to Ukraine from Russia for five years and ranks second in the premium segment on the Russian market, with a share of 11%. The start of Zolota Bochka beer production became possible due to Sarmat gaining new production capacity during its modernization. In May 2009, the modernization of the Donetsk brewery was completed. Investment into the modernization was USD 12 million. CJSC Sarmat is the subsidiary of one of the largest breweries in the world, SABMiller plc, which operates in over 55 countries and owns over 200 brands, among which are Pilsner Urquell, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft and Grolsch. The capacity of the Donetsk plant is 18 million decaliters a year.
11.06.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Obolon Launches Production Of Low-Alcohol Beverage Icelife

Lvivska Pyvovarnia, one of the ten largest breweries in Ukraine, increased beer production by 371,000 decaliters or 29.78% to 1,617,000 decaliters in April, compared with April 2008. The Lvivska Pyvovarnia brewery is part of the Carlsberg Group Ukraine (previously Baltic Beverages Holding Ukraine), which also includes the Slavutych beer and nonalcoholic beverage plant (Zaporizhia) and the Slavutych brewery (Kyiv).
30.05.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Beer in PET is a big seller
PET filling- and packaging equipment at Radomyshl brewery accelerates growth

Consumption of beer and kvass in the Ukraine is increasing by leaps and bounds. Although Ukrainians consider glass bottles an indication of the premium nature of a brew, the Radomyshl brewery nevertheless has invested in a new PET filling and packaging plant to keep up with increasing food and beverage consumption.
P&A International Mai 2009

Obolon Launches Export Of Malt And Beer Pellets
The largest Ukrainian manufacturer of beer and beverages Company "Obolon" has started exporting its own production of raw materials - barley malt and beer pellet.

08.05.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

Odesa Cognac Factory Ends Q1 With UAH 6.9 Million In Profit
Source: Ukrainian News

SABMiller invests over USD 140 million into Ukraine's Sarmat brewery
SABMiller, one of the world's largest beer producers, has invested over USD 140 million in the development of Donetsk-based Sarmat beer brewery. The amount also includes funds spent on the acquisition of the brewery in 2008. According to Sarmat Director General Ihor Tykhonov, about USD 12 million was spent on the modernization of brewing facilities. The project included the reequipping of water treatment and microbiological stability systems, and the deployment of new packaging lines. As was reported, SABMiller plc last year bought 99.84% of stocks in Sarmat, a large Ukrainian beer producer. Sarmat was sold to SABMiller by Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine's richest man. Its share on Ukraine's beer market in 2007 was about 8%.
28.04.2009 Source: Ukrainian News

France’s Soufflet Group buys Dnipropetrovsk Dnipro brewery from SCM
France's Soufflet Group, one of the largest malt producers in the world, has bought malt producer Dnipropetrovsk Dnipro brewery from Donetsk-based System Capital Management Group.
03.02.2009 Source: Ukrainian News


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