19th International Specialized Exhibition
Beer and Soft Drinks Industry 2012

September 12 - 14 in Kiev, Ukraine


Exhibitors of "Beer & Soft Drinks"

Alphabetical list of participants:

A&R Carton Bremen GmbH (Germany)
Akcyz, Magazine
Alliance (Russia)
Ammeraal Beltech Ukraine, Representative of Ammeraal Beltech (USA)
Baltic Bio Trade Ltd., Member of GRIDA GROUP
Biola, PE, Distributor of R-Biopharm AG (Germany)
BIO-RAD Laboratories, Representative of BIO-RAD (USA)
BAN Zaporizhzhia Beverage Plant, JSC
Berdichev Brewery
Besesovsk Mineral Water Plant, JSC
Bougie Marketing (Germany)
BRAUWELT International / BRAUWELT Russian, Fachverlag Hans Carl GmbH (Germany)
Brewery on Podol, JSC
BROVAR Mykulyntsi Brewery, JSC
Business Proposition, Magazine
Chayna Kraina (Tea Country) TM
Chudo-Pich TM
Consumer Club Kiev
Dairy and Meat Technological Institute, UAAS
DerzhSpozhyvStandard of Ukraine
DESNA, Chernigiv Brewery, JSC
DESTILLA, S.R.O (Czech Republik)
Dobra Voda, Ukrainian-Czech JV
DOMKE-Engineering (Germany), Representative of BMS Maschinenfabrik GmbH, GERNEP Etikettiertechnik GmbH, Ludwig Bohrer Maschinenbau GmbH, VIPOLL GmbH
Fastiv Brewery, JSC
Flash-R, Ltd.
FOKS, Ltd., Representative of EcoWater Systems, Sterilight, Atlantic UV, CWG, Honeywell, Grystal
FOOD Technologies & Equipment, Magazine
FOOD UA, Magazine
Harchovyk (Food Professionals), Magazine
Proizvodstvennaya Laboratoriya (Industrial Laboratory), Magazine
Infocenter-Ukraine, CJSC / KOMPASS Information System
Institute of Agriculture of South Region of Ukraine, UAAS
Institute of Agriculture Polissya, UAAS
Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Economics, UAAS
Institute of Plant Growing named after V.Ya. Yuriev, UAAS
INTERTECH Corporation (USA), Representative office in Ukraine
Ital Partner Group, JV, Distributor of Marcegaglia (Italy)
Jurby Water Tech, JSC
Kanev-Solod, Kanev Malt Plant, Ltd.
Kharkov Brewery "ROGAN", JSC
KHS AG (Germany)
Kiev Carbon Dioxide Plant
Kiev Malt Extraction Plant, Ltd.
Kiev Regional Center
KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH (Germany)
Kronpack, Ltd.
Kvartal, PE, Representative of SibAgroPribor (Russia)
Kyurtosh Kalach
LECO Intrumente Plzen Spol. SR.O. (Czech Republic), Representative office in Ukraine
Linker Europa sp. z o.o (Poland)
LOGIPACK International GmbH (Germany)
Lugansk Brewery, JSC
Lviv Brewery, JSC
m+f KEG-Technik Anlagenbau GmbH (Germany)
MALTEUROP Ukraine LLC, Representative of MALTEUROP (France)
Mineral Water Plant "Mizun", Ltd.
Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine
Monastyrskiy Kvass, Ltd.
Company MOS, Representative of NovosibirskProdMash (Russia)
National University of Food Technologies (NUFT)
Nicomed, SPE, Dealer of Textronica AG
Nezhyn Brewery, JSC
PEGAS Ukraine
Pivnoy Club (Beer Club), Magazine
Polimash, Ltd.
PoltavPivo CJSC, Poltava Brewery
Press-Birzha, Weekly
Products and Ingredients, Magazine
Produkty & Torgivlia (Food & Trade), Magazine
Produkty Pitaniya (Food), Magazine
PROFLINE CO, Ltd, Member of JV Megadyne-EE and JV Chiorino-K
ReSGen, PE
Rokytnivskyi Glass Factory, JSC
Rybny Rai TM
Sevastopol Private Brewery
SIMVOLT, market of measuring equipment
Smart Kapital, Ltd.
SOLARIS Group, Representative of ELSEA S.p.a. (Italy), Mar Plast S.p.a. (Italy), Fumagalli Componente S.p.a. (Italy), APEX (Italy), MO-EL (Italy), FIORENTINI (Italy), IMBALPAPER (Italy), QTS (Italy), TEMCA GmbH (Germany), WERKPAPAER GmbH (Germany), HAGLEITNER (Austria), SPALST (Poland), KLEEN-TEX (Poland)
Stimex Engineering Group, Ltd, Dealer of SpiraxSarco (England), Donaldson (Germany)
TEPLOWATT, Dealer of Viessmann, Beretta, Junkers, Vaillant, Ferroli, Protherm, Ariston, Sime
UKP-PACK, Ltd., Plant of technological equipment
Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences (UAAS)
Ukrainian Beer Company
Ukrainian Hop Growers' Association
UkrMetrTestStandard, State Enterprise
UkrPivo, JSC
UkrRosPribor, SPE
UmanPivo OJSC, Uman Brewery
Utilita, CJSC
VETROPACK Gostomel Glass Factory
Vinnitsa State Agricultural Research Center for Barley, UAAS
YUKZ-VS, Representative of Shayany Mineral Water Plant
Zeman TM
ZIEMANN Ludwigsburg GmbH (Germany)



Participation fees: EUR
Registration fee 250
Standard equipped booth 180 / sq.m.
Unequipped exhibition area in hall 150 / sq.m.
Outdoors exhibition area 40 / sq.m.


For registration please complete the application form, and send it
by fax # +49-2161-3032998 or by e-mail to info@beer-expo.com.

Application deadline is August 12, 2012

Please, find the application form below.

Application Form
Additional equipment

Minimum exhibition area is 9 sq.m.

Standard equipment depends on the size of the stand.
Standard equipment of a minimum stand includes wall panels,
fascia panel with company name (max. 15 letters), carpet, 1 table,
2 chairs, 1 podium, 1 lamp, 1 plug socket 220V, 1 coat hanger,
1 paper basket.

Additional services and equipment are available for extra payment.
Organizer ensures security and cleaning in the pavillions.

Catalogue entry:

Please, provide us with the contact details of your company and brief description up to 50 words in English and Ukrainian (each language) for publication in the catalogue as .doc file.

Advertising in the Exhibition Catalogue:

Format Price, EUR
1 page A5, b/w 150
1 page A5, color 200
3rd cover page 350
2nd or 4th cover page 400

Closing date for advertisements is August 8, 2011.

Additional services:

 Individual stand design and construction

 Translating and interpreting services
 Printing of brochures, flyers, posters etc. in Kiev
 Advertising in Ukrainian magazines

 Hotel reservation
 Transfer from the airport to the hotel
 Visa support

Please, find our hotel list for accommodation and reservation form below.

Hotels in Kiev
Hotel Reservation Form

Please, make your reservation as early as possible.


KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Center
Address: Salyutna Str. 2b, Kiev, Ukraine
Pavilion 2
and open area

Opening hours of the exhibition:

September 12
12.00 - 18.00
September 13 - 14
10.00 - 18.00

Customs-, On-Site-Handling- & Transport-Services:

Schenker Deutschland AG
Grossenbaumer Weg 8, D-40472 Duesseldorf
Contact person: Mr. Rainer Erkelenz
phone: +49 - 211 - 650 459 22
fax: +49 - 211 - 4542 410
e-mail: rainer.erkelenz(at)dbschenker.com

For further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Luepertzender Strasse 30, 41061 Moenchengladbach, Germany
phone: +49-2161-3032997, fax: +49-2161-3032998
e-mail: info@beer-expo.com


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